Theme & Topics

Medical Schools and Teaching of Medicine

  • Translation Movement
  • The awarding of degrees in medicine (Ijaza,..)
  • Ethics
  • Medical Novel and translation of knowledge


 Historiography Of Medicine, How To Present It For Students?

  • Enrichment of University courses
  • How to popularize history of medicine

 History of medical terminology

  • The language of medicine
  • The Components of Medical Terminology
  • Arabic Origin of Medical Terms

Water Hygiene and Health

  • Plague and Contagion
  • Prevention

 Tolerance and Opennes to Different Cultures during the Golden Ages (Medicine as an example)

Non-Muslim Physicians within Muslim Civilisation:

  • Musa ibn Maimon
  • Qusta bin Luqa, Jabra’il ibn Bokhtichu’, Yahya ibn Masawaih, Sābūr ibn Sahl ibn Sābūr, Y, Ibn Butlân , Ibn Sarfiyun, m……


Medicine and Literature

  • Famous orientalists who wrote in the Arab-Muslim medicine
  • New manuscripts on medicine

 Women of Medicine

  • Contributions and specificities
  • Biographies and contexts

 Timeline Of Medical Discoveries

  • Philosophical frameworks and paradigms
  • Major Medical contributions


  • contributions and specificities
  • Contributions of pharmacopoeia in Muslim West (Maghreb and al-Andalus ): Ibn al-Baytar, al-Ghassani….

Veterinary Medicine

  • Veterinary Science and Biology
  • Contributions of Ibn Wahshiyya, Ibn al-Awwam, Ibn Dawud al-Antaki, al-Ghassani

 Dentistry in the Arab-Islamic world

 History of medicine in Morocco and Maghreb

 These themes are not exclusive and papers and posters on any aspect of the history of medicine are also welcome.